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A Long-Term Perspective on the Future of Education

Andy Rosen on education trends: more mobile, accessible, personalized, outcome-focused, and global

The accelerated adoption of online learning, major demographic shifts, and a changing workforce economy are driving significant changes in education. Andy Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Kaplan, Inc, recently sat down for an interview with Rod Berger, a partner at education and healthcare strategy firm Strategos Group, to discuss where education is heading and Kaplan’s role in its future. Following is excerpted from the interview which was posted to Forbes earlier this week.

Education appears to be at an interesting inflection point with online models and cultural shifts. What changes in education most resonate with you today?

It’s about thinking more mobile, accessible, personalized, outcome-focused, and global. All of those things are focused on work readiness and they are clearly going to happen. Instead of focusing just on today’s issues, we try to concentrate on the issues that are almost inevitable over a long time. You don’t just think about a company as being long-term oriented. You think about your customers and students being long-term oriented and the universities and companies we serve.

Your book is titled, Rebooting for the new talent economy. Tell me about the word “rebooting’ and the need to press the reset button to some degree.

It’s been clear for a long time that what our education system sees as its goals doesn’t always align with what our economy needs for its future. Imagine a pipe going through education, but that pipe is not always connected to the work pipe. Kaplan sees itself as a bridge or joint that can pull those pipes together and bring the system closer.

If you chose to update your book (published 2011) and wanted to add a chapter, what would be the next truth-telling entry from Andy Rosen?

One thing that is still not as embraced as it should be is that higher education is increasingly going to be global. When you have a digital education, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, as long as it’s high quality. High-intensity focused universities and companies around the world will become competitors. The future of education will be borderless, maybe not entirely in five years, but you’ll start to see the movement in one or two decades.

Excerpted from a Forbes interview with Andy Rosen, Jun 6, 2022.

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