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Learning Leadership Skills Outside the Classroom

College senior explains how fraternity membership and its new innovative training program are helping getting him career-ready

March 03, 2022

In Issue 8 of Bold Learning, we spoke to Lambda Chi Alpha Chief Executive Officer Troy Medley about the fraternity’s partnership with Kaplan in developing the Leadership Skills Certification Academy, an online training program and digital credentialing tool designed to bridge the gap between college and career. The program combines professional development resources, functional training, real-world tools and relevant aspects of the fraternity leadership experience into marketable skills that appeal to prospective employers. Nathan Gray, a senior at Butler University and president of the college’s Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter, recently completed the program. We spoke to him about how it went.

How did the leadership skills program help you reconceptualize your role as president of a fraternity?

The program really helped me to take a step back and think through what I’d been doing well as president and what I could do better. It also helped me to articulate what I’ve been doing in terms that can translate to job applications and interviews. Going through these processes gave me the confidence to be a better fraternity president and a better leader outside of a college environment.

Did the program help you develop skills that can supplement what you’ve learned in your college classes?

Absolutely. The program provided specific tools to be a better leader—everything from time management tips to guidelines for building a budget. There was also an emphasis on developing soft skills, which are rarely addressed in the classroom. For example, I learned a lot about how to manage difficult conversations, and how working with large groups differs from working with small groups.

How do you see the tools you developed as a fraternity president translating into a work environment?

One of my responsibilities as president of Lambda Chi Alpha was to recruit new members who could help change the perception of the fraternity on campus. The skills leadership program helped me realize that this process was great training for a job requiring strong interpersonal skills and the ability to answer to multiple stakeholders. When I graduate, I’m hoping to find a job in sales that can draw on these skills and help me further develop them.

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