Invest In the Future
of High-Potential Employees

Invest In the Future
of High-Potential Employees

Kaplan can help you increase retention and career progression of high-potential employees. Investing in a qualified employee’s career path will provide a healthy return on your investment. Personal development, continuing education, and other relevant training translate into providing a better level of service to your important clients.

Proprietary Metrics

As a leading expert in employee assessment and digital capabilities, we have designed a collection of strategic and proprietary tools.

Kaplan customized 360° and 180° assessment

Commercial acumen diagnostic

Kaplan financial literacy tool

Kaplan performance tracker

Online questionnaire and survey

Follow-up coaching debrief

Kaplan Retention Approach

We continue our commitment to helping individuals achieve their educational and professional goals at every level, which equates to a more vested employee for your organization. We offer an extensive list of advanced designations, professional certificates, and continuing education opportunities:

Retention Success

With an ongoing retention program, your organization will realize the impact of these employee outcomes.

  • Increase in commercial acumen and the ability to apply relevant data

  • Satisfy crucial CE requirements with in-depth prep, practice, and performance

  • Present technical information to non-technical stakeholders

  • Continue relevant education with study tools, flexible delivery methods, and detailed reporting

  • Utilize newly acquired tools and strategies to make effective decisions

What is Learning Science?

A primer into the difference between learning science and learning engineering, and how the principles of each can be applied to creating a more effective corporate learning environment for your organization.

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Making Better Commercial Decisions

A major international investment bank sought to increase profitability and shareholder value in a lean economic environment. This shifted the focus to controlling expenditure by implementing commercially and financially astute decision-making along with efficient and cost-effective team collaboration.

Kaplan co-developed a 5-day residential program aimed at those in back and middle office roles. This empowered employees to make a significant contribution to the success of the bank through their commercial decision-making, effective interpersonal skills, and drive for continuous improvement and innovation.

Learn how Kaplan can help you meet your business objectives.

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