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Our brand-new CAIA® exam prep for 2024 is now available to preorder.

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CAIA Exam Prep Packages

CAIA® Charter Exam Prep and Study Materials

Give yourself the best chance to pass the CAIA exam by preparing with a personalized study package from Kaplan Schweser.

Ensuring Your Success at Both Levels of the CAIA Program

CAIA Level I

See why Kaplan Schweser prep is trusted by more CAIA Level I candidates than any other provider. Explore study packages, OnDemand classes, and more.


Kaplan Schweser is a top-tier CAIA Level II prep provider. Get study packages, tools, and more to take on exam day with total confidence.

Why Kaplan Schweser for CAIA Exam Prep?

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    CFA candidates experience higher levels of success on the exam when they study with Kaplan Schweser. Proven by a 30+ year track record of helping CFA candidates succeed, our exam prep can help you take the risk out of exam day.

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    Devised by the world’s largest team of CFA experts and backed by decades of proven learning science, the exam-like learning system is designed to help you effectively and efficiently master the curriculum.

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    Prepare with packages that use integrated study tools and classes with a customizable study plan tailored to fit your learning style and schedule by choosing a package that fits your needs.

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    Why go it alone when you can learn and get help from the largest global network of shareholders and content experts? Our highly experienced team provides the guidance and support you need to pass.

CAIA Level I Products

CAIA Level II Products

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