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CFA® Exam Prep

CFA® Exam Prep Packages & Study Materials Will Give You the Best Chance to Pass.

Your future as a CFA charterholder starts here. As the most widely used and trusted exam prep provider by CFA candidates, Kaplan Schweser has exactly what you need to be successful on exam day. Get started today.

Proven Exam Prep for Each Level of the CFA Program®

CFA® Level I

Level I of the CFA® exam tests knowledge and comprehension of investment tools and ethical and professional standards. Material is a straightforward introduction.

CFA® Level II

Level II of the CFA® exam tests application and analysis with a focus on asset valuation and how you apply standards to situations that analysts face.

CFA® Level III

Level III of the CFA® exam requires demonstration of the same skills as Level II but tests your ability to make and write about judgment calls.

Why Kaplan Schweser for CFA® Exam Prep?

  • 30+ Year Track Record

    CFA candidates experience higher levels of success on the exam when they study with Kaplan Schweser. Proven by a 30+ year track record of helping CFA candidates succeed, our exam prep can help you take the risk out of exam day.

  • Exam-like Learning System

    Devised by the world’s largest team of CFA experts and backed by decades of proven learning science, the exam-like learning system is designed to help you effectively and efficiently master the curriculum.

  • Customizable Study Plan

    Prepare with packages that use integrated study tools and classes with a customizable study plan tailored to fit your learning style and schedule by choosing a package that fits your needs.

  • Highly Experienced Team

    Why go it alone when you can learn and get help from the largest global network of shareholders and content experts? Our highly experienced team provides the guidance and support you need to pass.

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Leader in CFA Exam Prep: These are the findings of a quantitative survey conducted by Kaplan between June 30 and August 30, 2021. For this survey, a sample of 313 U.S. CFA Level I and Level II candidates was interviewed online. The survey was fielded to subscribers of and