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About the FDP® Charter

Launched in 2019 and sponsored by the FDP Institute®, the Financial Data Professional® (FDP) Charter is the premier global designation for finance professionals with data science skills.

The financial services industry is being continuously transformed by the emergence of big data and machine learning. Coupling the skills and abilities of financial professionals and data scientists is now imperative to long-term success. Earning the FDP Charter demonstrates an enhanced financial acumen and mastery of the data analysis skills needed in an increasingly digitized world.

Q4 - 2023 FDP Exam Registration and Exam Dates

In-Person Exam: October 9-22, 2023 
Remote Proctored Exam: October 22-23, 2023
Registration Opens: June 1, 2023
Late Registration Begins: September 1, 2023
Registration Closes: September 11, 2023

Q2 - 2024 FDP Exam Registration and Exam Dates

In-Person Exam: April 8-21, 2024
Remote Proctored Exam:
April 21-22, 2024
Registration Opens:
November 30, 2023
Late Registration Begins:
March 1, 2024
Registration Closes:
March 11, 2024

FDP® Exam Format

The 4-hour computer-based FDP exam is offered twice each year and can be taken at test centers worldwide or online via remote proctoring. The exam itself comprises 80 multiple-choice questions, weighted as 75% of the total points, and 2 to 4 constructed response questions, weighted as 25% of the total points.

FDP® Program Fees

To enter into the FDP program, candidates must pay a one-time, nonrefundable enrollment fee of $400.00 in addition to a required, refundable registration fee of $950.00 to $1,150.00. FDP Institute reading materials are not included with candidate enrollment and registration. 

In total, FDP exam fees can range from $1,350.00, if you enroll during standard registration, to $1,550.00, if you enroll during late registration. More information about FDP program fees can be found on the FDP Institute® website

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Earning the FDP Charter is a significant commitment. Give yourself the absolute best chance to pass by reviewing the entire FDP curriculum in a live online course led by a senior data scientist.

Requirements to Earn the FDP® Charter

Although anyone can register to take the FDP exam, the following background is assumed: 

  • Financial Markets and Instruments: Undergraduate or graduate degree in finance or economics, CAIA®, CFA®, or FRM®.

  • Mathematics & Statistics: Undergraduate courses (basic algebra, calculus, probability and statistics), CAIA, CFA, or FRM. 

A candidate must satisfy the following requirements to be awarded their FDP Charter:

  • Successfully pass the FDP exam

  • Submit the Certificates of Completion for approved online classes that cover the basics of Python or R programming

  • Submit the signed Code of Ethics

  • Submit two professional references

FDP® Exam Topic Weights

  1. Introduction to Data Science: 5-12%

  2. Linear & Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, Regularization, and Time Series: 10-15%

  3. Decision Trees, Supervised Segmentation, and Ensemble Methods: 10-15%

  4. Classification, Clustering, and Naive Bayes: 5-12%

  5. Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning: 5-12%

  6. Performance Evaluation, Back-testing, and False Discoveries: 5-12%

  7. Text Mining : 5-12%

  8. Ethical & Privacy Issues: 5-12%

  9. Fintech Applications: 25–40%

The full curriculum of the FDP program is covered in study materials that are endorsed by FDP Institute®. More information about these curriculum materials is available here.

These topic weights were used to develop a Review Package that includes complete coverage of the curriculum material. Enroll in the course today to ensure that you are fully prepared for the exam.

Schweser's PassProtection - our commitment to your success in the FDP® Program. We’re confident that you’ll have no problem passing the FDP exam.

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