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FRM® Part II Study Premium Package


FRM Part II Premium Package


FRM® Part II Study Essential Package


FRM Part II Essential Package

Registration and FRM Part II Exam Dates

Part II Exam Dates

November 18–24, 2023

Registration Open

May 1, 2023

Early Registration Deadline

July 31, 2023

Registration Closes

September 30, 2023

Compare FRM Part II Study Packages


Attend class on your own schedule with 15 in-depth sessions covering every reading in the FRM Exam curriculum.


Two full-length mock exams that closely resemble the difficulty and length of the actual FRM exam.

Watch our review sessions on your schedule with 8+ hours of expert instruction and review that are all available for OnDemand viewing. You receive thorough review of key topics, practice questions and problem-solving techniques, and exam tips and strategies.

Take this compact book anywhere you go, printed or eBook, for a concise review of the FRM curriculum. Schweser's Secret Sauce® provides insights and exam tips on how to effectively prepare and apply your knowledge on exam day.


Take the guesswork out of your study plan with strategically placed weekly tasks.
Two Checkpoint Exams with questions that mimic the difficulty and format of the actual FRM Exam.
Ask questions, and receive answers from an instructor at any time.
Access our community forum to engage with our experts and other CAIA candidates to post questions, find answers, and engage in meaningful discussions throughout your studies.

This compact study tool summarizes key formulas, definitions, and concepts.

Please note: FRM Part II December 2021 SchweserNotes™ and Quicksheet are available in eBook and online formats only.
A collection of online videos that will prepare you for your studies.

Clear, concise study notes and examples that cover every learning objective (LO) plus questions to check your understanding.
Build custom exams to quiz yourself on what you've learned.
Topic Quizzes are designed to identify your level of mastery and provide direction for any necessary remediation. Topic Quizzes can be taken online.

Pass Guarantee

Didn’t pass the exam? Your next study package is on us, free of charge. Terms and conditions apply.

Schweser's PassProtection™ - our commitment to your success in the FRM® Program. This is our added assurance to you, just in case you need it

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