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Kaplan Commitment Offers Debt-Free Trial For Students

Sep. 27, 2010

Program will also benefit federal student loan program
CHICAGO, September 27, 2010—Kaplan Higher Education today unveiled its “Kaplan Commitment” program, which will allow prospective students to attend classes for an introductory period worry free, without paying tuition.
Under the new program, students of Kaplan University, Kaplan College or other Kaplan Higher Education schools enroll in classes for several weeks and assess whether the Kaplan coursework meets their educational needs before making a financial commitment. Kaplan will also conduct academic assessments to help determine whether students are likely to be successful in their chosen course of study.
Students who choose to withdraw from the program during this time frame or students who do not pass the academic evaluation will not have to pay for the coursework, and the U.S. Department of Education will not be obligated to make loans or provide other financial assistance. The Kaplan Commitment will help add a new level of stability and predictability to the complicated process of higher education.
“This innovative program reinforces Kaplan’s genuine commitment to students, ensuring that they make an informed, educated decision when they enroll in Kaplan programs,” said Jeffrey J. Conlon, chief executive officer of Kaplan Higher Education. “Kaplan wants its students to be completely confident that the choice to pursue higher education is the right one.”
The new program will be operational by the end of the year, following appropriate regulatory and accreditation review.
The unique program benefits students and the federal government:
• It will allow students to experience Kaplan courses, as well as give them time to assess the coursework and accurately evaluate its demands on their current work and family commitments.
• The provisional admittance program will also lower the risk that the federal government lends money unnecessarily to students with a low chance of success in the rigorous Kaplan learning environment.
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