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Education as a Benefit

Partner with Kaplan to build innovative education solutions that strengthen your workforce, retain top talent, and maximize the success of your organization.

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Powering Education as a Business Strategy

Kaplan is a one-stop education partner for today’s most innovative corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. Through collaboration and strategic partnership, we equip organizations like yours with sustainable, custom-made education solutions that empower the workforce. Attract and retain high-potential employees by tapping into our portfolio of reduced- and no-cost degrees, online curricula, micro-credentials, and more. Acting as an extension of your organization, we craft strategies to upskill your teams and make learning a key competitive advantage—today and into the future.

Develop a Future-Ready Workforce with Kaplan

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    Diagnose learning challenges across your organization and pinpoint opportunities for growth.

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    Identify the skills gaps having the most impact on your teams and operations.

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    Curate a mix of Kaplan offerings to efficiently upskill and reskill your employees.

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    Develop truly bespoke solutions unique to your organization and its long-term strategy.

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Invest in Powerful, Personalized Learning

Well-skilled employees perform better, stay on your team longer, and drive superior business results. Kaplan helps you augment your organization’s training with higher education, so you can engage employees in new ways and cultivate potential across your company. Our approach is deeply personalized and informed by 80+ years of experience. We listen, learn, and work with you to develop solutions that reflect your business objectives, position you as an employer of choice, and scale with your long-term growth.

Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Goals

  • Customized Educational Offerings

    Create tailored educational content to meet specific talent needs—whatever those needs may be.

  • Acceleration

    Develop education solutions that provide rapid training to empower current employees—or even candidates—to succeed in hard-to-fill roles.

  • Articulation

    Award academic credit for corporate training and prior education to shorten the time to completion.

Bespoke Solutions Unique to Your Organization

  • Curation

    Bundle specific courses or offerings to develop targeted solutions that teach employer- and industry-specific skills.

  • Programmatic Stacking

    Design custom, modular education offerings that build toward credentials or degrees.

  • Apprenticeships

    Develop and administer registered apprenticeship programs through the U.S. Department of Labor to close existing employer skills gaps.

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We Are a Partner with Breadth

We’re distinguished by our range of online and in-person solutions, plus an international network of respected institutions, including Purdue University Global, Wake Forest University, and Lynn University. We’re proud to play a role in broadening access to accredited and reputable education for learners in all communities.

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We Forge Lasting Relationships

This range of capabilities has enabled us to forge lasting relationships with companies across a diverse range of sectors, notably health care, financial services, retail, food service, and government. There’s no team better equipped with global reach, curricular diversity, and technological understanding than ours. Together, we’ll build a learning strategy that meets your employees at their level and gives your business the edge it deserves.

Businesses trust Kaplan and those we support

  • Undergraduate and Graduate offerings

    2- and 4-year degrees, including reduced- and zero-cost undergraduate and graduate offerings

  • Leading online learning

    Leading online learning, including self-paced courses flexible enough for any schedule

  • English language training

    English language training designed for rapid proficiency in a business environment

  • Professional Prep

    Certifications and professional prep to help employees earn in-demand credentials

Supporting Today's Learning Style

  • Supporting Today's Learning Style

    Micro-credentials crafted to build hyperrelevant skills at speed and scale

  • Free online courses

    Free online courses from the Purdue Global Alternative Credit Center that make high-quality education accessible at no cost to learners

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