We Deliver Tailored Learning
For Development, Retention, and Advancement

We Deliver Tailored Learning
For Development, Retention, and Advancement

Full Suite of Corporate Solutions

Meet your company objectives with customized assessment and development for all employees.

Personalized Programs

Collaborate with us to create optimized training and development programs that meet your business objectives.

Leadership & Professional Development

Enhance the technical competence and behavioral confidence of your people with targeted programs.

Global Footprint

Develop the skill set of team members in all locations to achieve commercial excellence.

We provide programs for the entire lifecycle of an employee, from initial hiring and onboarding, to advancement and senior leadership.


We help you build a healthy pipeline of new employees.


Improve your employees’ speed to productivity.


Retain and develop top talent.


Develop executive team leadership and decision-making capabilities.

What is Learning Science?

A primer into the difference between learning science and learning engineering, and how the principles of each can be applied to creating a more effective corporate learning environment for your organization.

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Bridging the Skills Gap with Outcomes-Based Education

While the world debates the existence of a skills gap, you are trying to figure out how to bridge it. Learn how outcomes-based education could be a key ingredient to your solution.

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We Provide Global Education Programs

Our global footprint allows for a comprehensive approach to your organization’s learning and development needs. We can deliver a cohesive plan with local context across all regions.

Each customized program is designed to meet your organization’s goals and objectives.





We Create Successful Outcomes for Our Clients

We understand business. With over 2600 global business partners, Kaplan is uniquely positioned to provide customized learning, specialized training, licensing and advanced designation exam preparation, as well as continuing education. We’re proud to be the preferred learning consultant for more than 85% of the top 50 banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions.

Implementing a SmartPros’ Audit Management System (AMS) for Compliance

A large Fortune 250 holding company’s field inspection audit process needed to be brought back in-house after being outsourced. However, their current system was outdated.

SmartPros’ evaluation and resulting AMS implementation automated the entire field office inspection process, while providing scalability and customization capabilities. This resulted in a competitive advantage for the company, both in their relation to individual advisors and interaction with field managers and supervisors.

Identifying and Filling Capability Gaps

A large Fortune 500 financial institution required analysis, streamlining, and standardization of the processes and systems staff members used to manage substantial budgets.

Kaplan identified capability gaps and associated development opportunities, which allowed innovative and tailored solutions to be designed and successfully deployed. The resulting improvements and employee training contributed to better working practices and strengthened their financial management processes.

Making Better Commercial Decisions

A major international investment bank sought to increase profitability and shareholder value in a lean economic environment. This shifted the focus to controlling expenditure by implementing commercially and financially astute decision-making along with efficient and cost-effective team collaboration.

Kaplan co-developed a 5-day residential program aimed at those in back and middle office roles. This empowered employees to make a significant contribution to the success of the bank through their commercial decision-making, effective interpersonal skills, and drive for continuous improvement and innovation.

We Collaborate to Meet Your Needs

We help you accomplish your organization’s goals with these key steps:

Identify the opportunities or gaps that have a real impact on the organization

Develop learning outcomes that directly align to opportunities and gaps

Utilize proven learning science to design and deliver the desired outcomes

Use performance-based measurements to demonstrate clear value and ROI for the business

Learn how Kaplan can help you meet your business objectives.

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