Empower Executives to
Lead Organizational Success

Empower Executives to
Lead Organizational Success

The executive team is the innovative compass for all levels within an organization. Their message matters and sets the tone, direction, and development to achieve your organization’s goals and objectives.

Leadership Process

Kaplan can help you develop your executive teams to be more agile, strategic, effective, and commercially astute. With a Kaplan Leadership & Professional Development Program, we’ll ensure your senior executives have the resources, skills, and support they need to effectively influence and strategically guide the organization.

Kaplan Leadership Metrics

The foundation of our offering is built upon our belief that decision-making is the essence of leadership. It’s comprised of both technical knowledge and behavioral insight, and drives organizational performance at every level of leadership.

Kaplan Leadership Approach

Leadership Success

An effective leader rises to the top with the proper knowledge, skill set, and effective decision-making capabilities. With the appropriate instruction and applicable programs, new leaders will emerge with the following abilities:

  • Enhance technical competence and behavioral confidence

  • Expand industry expertise, regulation knowledge, and best practices

  • Sharpen strategic thinking, decision-making, and communication capabilities

  • Innovate business processes and procedures for competitive advantage

  • Recognize and demonstrate ROI benefits

What is Learning Science?

A primer into the difference between learning science and learning engineering, and how the principles of each can be applied to creating a more effective corporate learning environment for your organization.

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Building Management Impact and Presence

A major commodity producer, working in a newly deregulated market, found itself operating in a competitive environment for the first time. The business focused on developing and expanding three areas of opportunity, while simultaneously improving upon four identified areas of internal underperformance.

We collaborated with the board to assess their strategic choices and the resulting implications in organizational structure and processes, developing a training program based on aligning the company’s strengths and challenges to their goals. The resulting program focused on these key themes and was reinforced by the organization’s updated leadership competencies and values.

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