Boost New Hire Productivity With
Effective Onboarding

Boost New Hire Productivity With
Effective Onboarding

An investment in your employees is an investment in your organization’s future.

Once the hiring phase is completed and the top candidates are selected, the real work begins. A complete and thorough onboarding experience for new hires will position them, and your organization, for future success.

Kaplan Onboarding Assessment

With an initial evaluation, we’ll help your organization efficiently identify learning and skill gaps within your employee population, and accurately pinpoint the specific areas that provide the biggest opportunities for growth.

We assess both the behavioral confidence and the technical competencies so that our programs can effectively increase performance. It’s the most vital component to ensure the success of any development program.

Proprietary Metrics

As a leading expert in employee assessment and digital capabilities, we have designed a collection of strategic and proprietary tools.

  • Kaplan customized 360° and 180° assessment

  • Commercial acumen diagnostic

  • Kaplan financial literacy tool

  • Kaplan performance tracker

  • Online questionnaire and survey

  • Follow-up coaching debrief

Kaplan Onboarding Approach

With the proper initial training for new hires, they will be able to contribute to your organization that much sooner. A sampling of Kaplan’s education programs for new hires include:

Onboarding Success

Your team is in place, the assessments have been completed, and your employees will demonstrate:

  • Better understanding of the organizational context and foundational literacy required

  • Better preparation and pass rates for licensing exams

  • New-found confidence and technical competence as a contributor

  • Higher base of knowledge using new developments in learning science

  • Effective decision-making skills that broaden professional judgment

  • Faster and more efficient production

Connecting Where We Learn to How We Learn

Are experts really the best teachers? You might be surprised to learn how much your experts inadvertently leave out when training new employees to perform specific tasks.

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Making a Finance Academy Shine

A large player in the pharmaceutical industry launched a Finance Academy to be a single point of access for learning and development of finance skills within the organization.

Kaplan developed and delivered the first two classroom-based workshops, which included detailed client-specific cases studies and practical experiences of participants involved in the research and development of new products. Following a review of the finance function, the company developed a capability framework. Kaplan further created detailed pathways for each of the capabilities and competencies, including advice on development beyond classroom-based interventions.

Learn how Kaplan can help you meet your business objectives.

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