Increase the Speed of
Employee Productivity

Increase the Speed of
Employee Productivity

In an efficient organization, the faster an employee is trained, certified, or licensed, and then integrated into a company’s processes and culture, the sooner they’ll be productive contributors. Putting them on the right path early will make a significant difference in the bottom line.

Proprietary Metrics

As a leading expert in employee assessment and digital capabilities, we have designed a collection of strategic and proprietary tools.

Kaplan customized 360° and 180° assessment

Commercial acumen diagnostic

Kaplan financial literacy tool

Kaplan performance tracker

Online questionnaire and survey

Follow-up coaching debrief

Kaplan Productivity Approach

With the proper training in your organization’s specialized industry, your employees will be able to earn the proper licensing or credentials and be able to contribute to your organization that much sooner. Training focused on effective decision-making is essential to ensure you maximize your employees’ contributions to the organization. A sampling of Kaplan’s extensive expertise includes:

Productivity Success

The ultimate goal is to complete a licensing or certificate program that will allow your employees to contribute to your organization’s commercial success with these skills:

  • Increase your employees’ value to the organization by having them earn advanced designations in high demand (for example, CFA, CFP® Certification, CAIA, and FRM)

  • Increase in commercial acumen and the ability to apply relevant data

  • Satisfy crucial CE requirements with in-depth prep, practice, and performance

  • Present technical information to non-technical stakeholders

  • Continue relevant education with study tools, flexible delivery methods, and detailed reporting

  • Utilize newly acquired tools and strategies to make effective decisions

Bridging the Skills Gap with Outcomes-Based Education

While the world debates the existence of a skills gap, you are trying to figure out how to bridge it. Learn how outcomes-based education could be a key ingredient to your solution.

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Identifying and Filling Capability Gaps

A large Fortune 500 financial institution required analysis, streamlining, and standardization of the processes and systems staff members used to manage substantial budgets.

Kaplan identified capability gaps and associated development opportunities, which allowed innovative and tailored solutions to be designed and successfully deployed. The resulting improvements and employee training contributed to better working practices and strengthened their financial management processes.

Learn how Kaplan can help you meet your business objectives.

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