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L&D Insights

L&D Insights

Your window to a new corporate training approach.

The success of your company relies on its ability to develop a highly qualified workforce, armed to proactively face and overcome the business challenges of tomorrow. Kaplan L&D Insights provides new ideas for tailoring your L&D strategy to attract, train, retain, and develop the talent you need to drive your business forward.

Making Commercial Acumen the Driving Force Behind Your Learning Strategy

The ability to make good business decisions is at the heart of every high performing enterprise. Why isn’t that reflected in our training strategies and practices?

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A United Front: How Learning Teams and Managers Can Work Together to Win the War for Talent

With global employee turnover rates rising significantly, it’s time for companies to think differently about intentionally creating an environment to develop and retain top talent before it’s too late.

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Corporate Culture: Attracting Top Talent with Intentionality, Learning, and Honesty

Discussing a job description and all the work it entails used to be the extent of a thorough hiring process. Now applicants and employers have access to so much information that they’ve become discerning decision makers, learning everything they can about one another…sometimes before they even meet.

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Bridging the Skills Gap with Outcomes-Based Education

While the world debates the existence of a skills gap, you are trying to figure out how to bridge it. Learn how outcomes-based education could be a key ingredient to your solution.

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Leadership Development: Can Corporate Leadership Skills be Taught?

She’s a “born leader.” Or is she? We often talk about leadership as a trait a select few people enter the world with. So should your organization focus on recruiting proven leaders, or recognizing and cultivating leadership potential among your existing teams?

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