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Turn Producers
Into Top Performers

Turn Producers
Into Top Performers

Kaplan has partnered with LearnCore to deliver the latest in training and coaching technology, proven to improve sales and produce better results for your organization.

Kaplan already helps producers obtain in-demand certifications and designations necessary to gain the technical knowledge essential to their roles. Now, together with LearnCore, we are able to help them hone the specific skills and behaviors that will turn them into top performers for your organization.

How Kaplan and LearnCore can help your organization:

Deliberate practice leads to more effective outcomes.

Markets evolve, strategies shift, and products change. Ensure your producers are ready to sell, deliver the right message, and handle objections, all without having to practice on your clients!

Develop and coach producers at scale.

Typical training events only go so far, often disrupting schedules and under-delivering. Through quality coaching and feedback, we help producers sustain a change in behavior. And by leveraging technology, we can do this at scale.

Top performers model what “great” looks like.

Success is contagious. We share the best practices of top performers with your entire team, encouraging everyone to improve and perform at their best.

Communicate the right message and avoid risk.

Ensure confidence in your team’s ability to understand current guidelines and communicate critical information in a compliant manner.

Discover today’s Kaplan: Elevating your people, transforming your business.

Talk to our team at Kaplan to see how LearnCore will help you with Professional Development and learning technology solutions.

Why Choose the Kaplan Way powered by LearnCore?



We know everyone learns differently. Combine various formats to engage and equip your reps with the key skills and knowledge they need to perform.

Develop and coach producers at scale.

Create quizzes and mastery tests to assess knowledge and identify gaps. Certify that your reps are ready to go to market.

Pitch IQ

Close the knowing-doing gap with practice, application, and feedback. Promote peer learning and showcase best practices across your entire sales force.

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