Closed College Campus Information

If you are a former student or graduate of Bauder College or a closed Kaplan Career Institute or Kaplan College location, or any of the locations listed on this page below, please review the information below to access transcripts, payments, and resources.

Other former Kaplan campuses not listed below, including former Kaplan College and Kaplan Career Institute locations, have been acquired by Education Corporation of America and have been renamed Brightwood College or Brightwood Career Institute. A list of the campuses acquired by ECA is here. These campuses have closed. Please visit www.parchment.com/education-corporation-america to order transcripts and for additional information.

Kaplan University records are with Purdue University Global. Please reach out to Registrar@purdueglobal.edu or visit www.purdueglobal.edu.

Former students and graduates of closed institutions listed below can access information via the links below:

Transcript Requests (Official)
Payment Center

Degree Verification

Email all degree verification requests for closed institutions, along with a signed release of information form, to closedcollegeinformation@kaplan.edu or fax 800.882.9519. Please provide the name of the college, city and state in which the college was located, name of student when they attended, graduation year (or last year of attendance), and program of study.

Employment Verification

All employment verifications can be done through the Work Number at 800.367.5690 or www.theworknumber.com (use Kaplan employer code 13876).

Career Assistance

Graduates of these closed institutions can email Career Services at careerservices@kaplan.edu for career assistance.

Other Requests

If you would like to get a replacement diploma, please click the link above “Transcript Requests” to order a replacement diploma. Replacement diplomas are only available for the following colleges: Bauder College, Kaplan College, Kaplan Career Institute, Texas School of Business, and TESST College of Technology.

For transcript requests specific to College for Professional Studies, Kaplan Continue Education, Delta Career Institute, JPS Institute, and Hickok Technical Institute only. Please complete this form and email to closedcollegeinformation@kaplan.edu or fax to 800.882.9519.

If you have additional inquiries not covered within this site or related links, please contact the Closed College Records department via email at closedcollegeinformation@kaplan.edu. Please allow 72 hours for a response.

Below is a list of the closed college records that are maintained by Kaplan Higher Education:

Bauder College, Atlanta
College for Professional Studies (Boca Raton, FL)
Delta Career Institute, Beaumont (records from 1994 – closure only)
Denver Career College, Colorado Springs (formerly Phoenix Career College)
Florida Education Center, Lauderhill
Hickok Technical Institute, Cleveland
JPS Institute for Health Careers (formerly John Peter Smith Hospital School), Fort Worth (Radiology Technician program only)
Kaplan Career Institute, Albuquerque (formerly Southwest Health Career Institute)
Kaplan Career Institute, Brooklyn (Cleveland) (formerly Total Technical Institute)
Kaplan Career Institute, Charlestown (formerly RETS Technical Center, Boston)
Kaplan Career Institute, Dearborn
Kaplan Career Institute, Detroit
Kaplan Career Institute, Kenmore Square (Boston)
Kaplan College, Chesapeake
Kaplan College, Cincinnati
Kaplan College, Columbus (formerly Columbus Paraprofessional Institute (prior to 1992)/Technology Education Center)
Kaplan College, Denver (Thornton) (formerly Denver Paralegal Institute, Denver Career College)
Kaplan College, Indianapolis NW (formerly Professional Careers Institute)
Kaplan College, Jacksonville
Kaplan College, Merrillville (formerly Sawyer College)
Kaplan College, Midland (formerly Southeastern Career Institute)
Kaplan College, Milwaukee
Kaplan College, Panorama City (formerly Maric College, CEI)
Kaplan College, Pembroke Pines
Kaplan College, Phoenix (formerly Long Tech College/Long Medical Institute)
Kaplan College, Renton (Seattle)
Kaplan College, Stockton (formerly Maric College, Andon College)
Kaplan Continuing Education campus (online)
Long Tech College, East Valley (formerly Phoenix Career College)
Maric College, Anaheim (formerly CEI)
Maric College, Carson (formerly CEI)
Maric College, Irwindale (formerly CEI)
Maric College, Lake Forest (formerly CEI)
Maric College, Los Angeles (formerly CEI)
Maric College, Pomona (formerly CEI)
Maric College, East County, San Diego (formerly CEI)
Maric College, San Marcos (formerly CEI)
TESST College of Technology, Alexandria
Texas School of Business, Houston Southwest
Texas School of Business, Houston East
Thompson Institute, Chambersburg

If the college you are looking for is not listed here, we do not maintain records for that institution. Please go to the Department of Education for the state in which the college was located for further information.

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