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Kaplan for

Excel, grow, and expand access to your institution with Kaplan, higher education’s premier multipurpose strategic partner.

Kaplan for

Excel, grow, and expand access to your institution with Kaplan, higher education’s premier multipurpose strategic partner.

Do More Than Adapt to the Future of Education. Lead It.

Our partners are transforming the education landscape through visionary leadership teams who embrace change, drive innovation, and are unwavering in their focus on their students. Whether you need to build an online strategy, become a catalyst for students’ career growth, or create a diverse, robust talent pipeline for employers, Kaplan blends deep experience with results-driven solutions to help you achieve your mission. Globalize, diversify, increase revenue, and provide the best possible educational experiences and outcomes for your students.


Economic impact to our partners annually

Why Kaplan

80+ Year History

Rely on our time-tested, industry-leading educational and operational excellence to innovate and grow.

Long-Term Vision

Build a lasting legacy. We have deep, long-standing relationships with several partners that work with us across multiple initiatives.

Broad Expertise

Advance further, faster with our full suite of services and solutions, from online to on-campus, and precollege to the workforce.

Global Reach

Tap into our worldwide network. With local campuses and international universities, we support partners in many regions.


Online Program Enablement

Build or expand your online presence and offerings through flexible, affordable, scalable end-to-end program development solutions.

Kaplan Career Core

Expand your career services to better equip your students for success in today’s global economy, preparing them to launch or advance their careers.

Kaplan Credegree

Improve your students’ job readiness and marketability by integrating an industry-recognized credential into a traditional 4-year degree.


Increase your international student body, global presence, and diversity through our worldwide recruitment and academic program services.

Professional & Licensure Exam Prep

Help students advance in their chosen professions through industry-leading exam prep and curricular support services.

Infrastructure Development

Transform and modernize your campus facilities and technologies to support better student outcomes and experiences.

Around the Globe


college and university partners


educational clients


corporate clients


countries in which online courses are delivered


cities with student recruitment services

As of March 2020. Source: Kaplan, Inc.

Customized Solutions for Your Institution

We know that every university has unique goals. See how we can help you meet yours.

In North America?

Contact Linda Gernes on our Kaplan University Partners team at

Outside of North America?

Contact our U.K.-based Kaplan International University Partnership team.

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