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Destination College
Exploring New Routes to Success

Destination College
Exploring New Routes to Success

A Report from Kaplan University Partners

Parents explain their concerns and goals for their children’s college education and why they’d favor a new “study while working” proposal that could disrupt the traditional route to earning a degree and starting a career.

In Brief

The path from high school to work used to be, well, a “path”—go to college, earn a degree, begin your career. This higher education map laid out a clear plan for parents, students, colleges, and employers.

That path now? It’s become a maze, with twists, turns, and roadblocks, including high college tuition, higher loan debt, and shifting workplace and skills needs. Students and employers are looking for new solutions from colleges and universities.

In short, they’re ready for disruption.

A Kaplan University Partners study, “Destination College: Exploring New Routes to Success,” is based on an in-depth survey of parents’ attitudes about higher education, work, and a potential new way colleges could help students break through the maze.

The study’s authors aim to jumpstart a broader conversation among higher education leaders, policy-makers, and employers about designing new, better pathways for college that meet the demands of today’s marketplace.

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  • College’s role is teaching marketable skills

    Most parents say college’s role is to teach students marketable skills (79%) and is a time to develop interpersonal and social skills (78%).

  • Higher ed’s effectiveness is under scrutiny

    Less than half (47%) of parents feel colleges are doing a good job preparing their children for the workplace. More than half (57%) question whether college costs justify the value of a degree.

  • Work is best way to learn skills and find purpose

    Almost all parents (85-90%) say work will help their children to learn, grow personally, and find a life purpose. Unsurprisingly, more than half (57%) believe the best college education includes internships.

  • Full-time “work and study” proposal has broad appeal

    Almost three-quarters (74%) of parents would consider placing their children in a program in which employers hire talented students directly out of high school for full-time, paid jobs while they simultaneously pursue a bachelor’s degree. This proposed “Go Pro Early” program appeals to parents of children with and without defined study goals, with the ability to learn job skills and make informed career choices seen as important benefits.

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