We help universities increase their international student body and global presence through our global recruitment and academic program services.


We help universities increase their international student body and global presence through our global recruitment and academic program services.

We diversify partner institutions’ sources of recruitment, thereby creating a more sustainable and resilient business model.

Our multiple recruitment and delivery solutions ensure we meet your institution’s unique goals in the most cost-efficient way. These partnership models include on and off-campus degree preparation, recruitment for direct entry, transnational education, online learning, and English-language schools. Learn more about how Kaplan International Pathways works with universities and about each of our partnership types below.

On-site immersion courses, delivered on a partner university's campus, prepare students for entry into a degree program.

Support services, including application, visa and financing processes, for students' direct entry to a degree program.

Complete degree programs from partner universities are delivered locally in a foreign country.

Fully accredited online degrees from a university partner delivered to students across the globe.

Over 40 English-language schools across globe provide an additional channel to recruit high-achieving students to universities.

We serve the needs of students, and support university partners,
in more than 100 countries.

Few organizations match the depth and breadth of our higher education network and resources. Our global presence incorporates more than 40 university partners, more than 20 study centers (complemented by an additional 40+ English-languauge schools), over 700 active agents, plus relationships with numerous sponsoring organizations worldwide.

Our Partners

We work with over 40 carefully selected universities worldwide. Meet some of our partners below.

One of our newest university partners, The University of Tulsa (TU) is a Top 100 American university, and partnered with Kaplan in January 2017. Kaplan recruits international students for direct entry to TU’s bachelor’s degreees, and to the University’s academic and English-language preparation programs.
In 2007, we partnered with the University of Liverpool—a member of the Russell Group and ranked Top 15 in the UK. Kaplan prepares students on the University campus for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, recruiting close to 1,000 students for such programs in 2016. We also deliver off-campus pathways in multiple countries, and Kaplan-owned agents recruit students for direct entry.
A Top 40 public university in the US, The University of Vermont (UVM) forms part of the Consortium of North American Universities (CNAU). In 2009, CNAU and Kaplan established the US Pathway Program (USPP), which gives international students combined on- and off-campus preparation for entry to Year Two of an American bachelor’s degree. USPP has helped over 1,000 students progress to prestigious US universities, including UVM.
"One of our goals for some time has been to increase the diversity of our international student body, and Kaplan's global reach has helped us to attract students from countries where we didn't have a particularly big profile before. For example, Kaplan has given us the chance to access emerging markets in Africa, such as Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa, as well."
Gwion Sims, International Recruitment Manager, University of York (UK)

Discover our full set of university partners around the world.

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