For Students, Educators and Workers

For Students, Educators and Workers

In these uncertain times, with millions finding their education disrupted by COVID-19, Kaplan is committed to helping students and their teachers through this period of adjustment and change. Here are some online learning and other resources as well as expert advice to help you through these transitions.

For Employers & Workers

Kaplan has a range of free and discounted online resources for workers furloughed or laid off because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Kaplan Personal & Professional Skills Fitness series aims to help individuals deal with being displaced (with courses on budgeting and strengthening personal resilience) and brushing up their job search skills (with courses on resume writing and networking). Other courses help workers build skills for the long-term, in such areas as personal coaching, presentations, data analytics and more. You can sign up for the Kaplan Personal & Professional Skills Fitness go here.

Kaplan’s partner Purdue University Global is offering free online college courses as well as 25% tuition savings on select undergraduate course series and micro-credentials, in such subjects as professional development, health, business, IT, data literacy, and cybersecurity. Further, Kaplan is offering free test prep for undergraduate and graduate entrance exams and free or discounted training for financial services industry certifications. You can learn more and register for these resources here.

If you represent a company looking to provide resources to your own displaced workers, please Kaplan offers educational continuity solutions for organizations. Email StrategicPartnerships@Kaplan.com to learn more.

For High School Students & Educators

Free Test Prep Digital Classroom Resources

Digital Classroom Resources: Kaplan created a series of Digital Classroom Resources—including articles, videos, and webinars—aimed at helping students, parents, and teachers navigate this period of online learning and working. Check these out at digital classroom hub.

Free Test Prep

Free Test Prep: Kaplan Test Prep is offering free test prep for some of their most popular courses.

Students are eligible to take a free online SAT course.  More information on the free course can be found here and you can sign up for the course here.

Kaplan also offers free test prep for several AP Tests, including World History: Modern, U.S. History, and Biology. KTP hosts Free AP Prep on Youtube Live, with office hour-style sessions and streams three hours of content each weekday. The live streams and recordings are on KTP’s Youtube page.

Virtual Classroom Options: Kaplan Professional has launched the Kaplan Rapidly Deployable Virtual Classroom (RDVC), a cloud-based learning solution to enable schools to affordably transition from live classroom to a secure online alternative. You can find more information on the RDVC, including a video explainer here.

For Medical Students & Educators

Kaplan has been working to solve the problem of medical students needing to work with live patients at a time where being in close contact with others could be dangerous.

USMLE Step 2 CS Program: Kaplan serves 2,100-plus students per year preparing for the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills exam. The usual program is inherently ‘hands-on’ and consists of live, mock encounters with actors (playing patients) to help students develop skills in clinical interaction and diagnosis. Kaplan has redesigned it as an entirely new online course, with live on-line patient encounters, workshops, debriefing and more. You can find more information here.

i-Human Patients: Using this platform, students and medical professionals experience safe, repeatable, fully-graded virtual clinical patient encounters. As schools responded to the growing COVID-19 concerns by closing their doors and sending students home, the lack of access to clinical training and assessment facilities became painfully obvious to medical and nursing instructors. Implementing i-Human Patients allows them to continue providing clinical instruction, offers students the ability to practice and train in a safe environment, and offers both a clear, standardized assessment of each students’ ability to apply clinical reasoning to realistic patient cases. To find out more about i-Human Patients virtual simulation and request a demo, please visit www.i-human.com.

For Colleges & Universities

Free Online Credential Courses: Kaplan Professional and CyberVista have developed a program to help colleges and universities offer their students, who’ve been impacted by COVID-19, free training that leads to an industry-recognized credential in a number of fields; these include financial services, engineering and cybersecurity. These credentials will help soon-to-be graduates create more career options and better navigate a changing job market. More information can be found here.

Rapid-Online Deployment Support: Leveraging their expertise in creating online programs, curricula and faculty training, Kaplan Higher Education is ready to assist universities changing to online courses. If you’d like more information on how Kaplan can partner with your college or university, go here.

Thought Leadership

Webinar Series: Kaplan UP! President Brandon Busteed is the host of Bold Leaders in Learning, a new webinar series featuring interviews with education leaders and experts.

Episode One is with Dean Marcia France of Duke Kunshan University, discussing DKU’s transition to fully online classes in three weeks. Future episodes will continue to focus on Coronavirus and its impacts on the education field.

Providing Articles Addressing Professional Changes

LinkedIn Article Series: Kaplan Professional is posting articles from top executives on how to handle what has quickly had to become the “new normal” for many American workers. For example, Kaplan Professional U.S. CEO Andrew Temte writes on how to successfully take your team and clients to an online-only/work-from-home office.

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