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Bridging the Gaps Between High School, College and Career

April 20, 2022
Lucy Stonehill, CEO of the UK-based guidance services platform BridgeU, explains how educational technology can help students make better decisions

Most College Admissions Officers Believe Legacy Admissions Should Be Eliminated

April 15, 2022
But so far, few schools appear ready to ending their practices in favor of college applicants with a parent or ancestor who's an alumnus.

Institutions Can Actively Court Students with Alternative Credit Options

April 14, 2022
There are new, creative ways to connect the 36 million Americans with "some college, no degrees" to an actual degree.

Reimagining Career Services

April 4, 2022
Three university leaders, from universities that are among Kaplan Career Core's founding members, discuss creative strategies for developing student career readiness with Wake Forest's Andy Chan.
A female college students is writing notes at cafeteria table.

Taming Transfer Swirl

March 31, 2022
Thirty-six million Americans have some college credits but no degree. Many get caught in a limbo called 'transfer swirl,' thanks to messy, inconsistent academic policies about accepting credits from other colleges. If they act more proactively and rethink transfer credit, institutions can tame the swirl and keep transfer students on track to a timely graduation.

Changing minds (and majors)

April 2, 2022
Most college students choose a major, and a college based on that major, going in. After a few semesters, many shift gears.

Don’t Say A College Education Isn’t For Everybody

March 3 2022
It might seem pretty innocuous to point out that college isn’t a good fit for everyone. It’s definitely something I heard growing up in the countryside of Puerto Rico and attending school in mostly first-generation classrooms in New York City. Many families I knew saw a college education as a financial, educational, and professional reach that might get in the way of immediate employment.

The Majority of College Students Say They Struggle with Financial Insecurity

March 3, 2022
More than half of students report they have struggled “a great deal” or "a fair amount" with financial insecurity in the past four months, and a similar percentage say they are worried about their family’s finances. The financial pain of the pandemic is felt even more acutely among non-white students

Learning Leadership Skills Outside the Classroom

March 03, 2022
In Issue 8 of Bold Learning, we spoke to Lambda Chi Alpha Chief Executive Officer Troy Medley about the fraternity's partnership with Kaplan in developing the Leadership Skills Certification Academy, an online training program and digital credentialing tool designed to bridge the gap between college and career.
Student using online learning software on their laptop

The Future of Learning: Content Curation

February 27, 2022
The explosion of online learning content in the past decade is both an incredible opportunity and a headache for prospective students. I’ve seen this first–hand, both as a fully–online student at the Questrom School of Business at Boston University, and in my career running non–degree programs at Harvard Business School and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.
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