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A meeting of colleagues in an office

Can Engagement Be The Biggest Lesson from Training?

Programs that help upskill or reskill employees are opportunities to recruit and retain top talent. This is especially true in a post-pandemic, hybrid working environment where engagement and productivity are waning.
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Universities Teach Management Strategy. What If They Actually Do It?

2022 may well be an inflection point for American higher education, thanks to demographic shifts and effects of a global pandemic. Can the sector's leaders learn anything from management strategy theorists who've guided other industries through precarious times?
Interview with Andy Rosen

Shaping the Future of Higher Education

Part II of Andy Rosen's interview with Rod Berger. This time they discuss globalization and 'education without borders.'

Reinvent Career Services to Create Pathways to Employability

What do undergraduates really want from professors? Advice and information about their careers, according to recent surveys of students. A higher ed leader says embedding career topics into courses and updating career services will meet students' needs.
Interview with Andy Rosen

A Long-Term Perspective on the Future of Education

Andy Rosen sat down for an interview with Rod Berger of Strategos Group, to discuss where education is heading and Kaplan’s role in its future. This is Part I of some excerpts.

Want to Improve College Completion Rates? Revisit Degree Plan Design

About 36 million Americans have some college credits. Most want but never earn a degree, stymied by outdated degree program structures and too many logistical hurdles for working adults. Creating pathways for transfer students would have the biggest, fastest impact towards unleashing a large pool of pent up talent.
Nolvia Delgado

Community College Students are an Overlooked Talent Pipeline

The Kaplan Educational Foundation helps low-income Black and Latinx community college students transfer to and graduate from top four-year programs. Its new leader explains how community colleges can play a role in filling the skills gap.

Why The ‘4 + 1’ Workweek Is Inevitable

May 2022
There’s been a lot of buzz about a 4-day workweek. But it will be the ‘4 + 1’ workweek that ultimately wins out: 4 days of “work” and 1 day of “learning.”

Why Having Two Types Of Elite Universities Will Restore Confidence In U.S. Higher Education

For decades, so much attention has been paid to a tiny set of selective colleges and universities in America, known more for who they keep out than let in. It's time for a another elite grouping, who'll be known for serving a greater number of students and giving them world-class educations.
Savitri Tu at Kaplan

Helping Prospective Students Explore Career Options

Kaplan's Savitri Tu explains how online precollege programs help high school students and institutions of higher learning alike.
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