We help you accomplish your organization’s goals by collaboratively working together in a 4-step process.

Identify the opportunities or gaps that have a real impact on the organization

Develop learning outcomes that directly align to opportunities and gaps

Utilize proven learning science to design and deliver the desired outcomes

Use performance-based measurements to demonstrate clear value and ROI for the business

Knowledgeable Employees Make Better Decisions

Kaplan delivers professional education programs for every step of workforce growth, advancement, and leadership.

  • Onboard newly hired employees

  • Improve new employee speed to productivity

  • Retain and develop top talent

  • Develop executive team leadership and decision-making capabilities

Assessment of Gaps Facilitates Growth Within Your Organization

We identify opportunities and proficiency disparities within your employee population. We assess their hard and soft skills, and apply proven learning science that will increase employee productivity.

Collaboration Creates a Successful Platform

Together, we design a customized program that satisfies region-specific examination, certification, or regulatory requirements. We provide the resources, people, and capabilities to deliver unparalleled support and industry knowledge.

Continuous Learning Promotes Employee Effectiveness

We are well positioned to meet the increasing need for training, certification, and professional development worldwide—through online, traditional classroom settings, and virtual streaming capabilities.

Performance-Based Results Improve your ROI

Your accomplishments are measured by the success of your team in professional development achievements, pass rate growth, and certification completion in accounting, finance, insurance and more. Our primary goal in measuring the performance of your programs is to ensure the contributions of your employees continue to increase.

Learn how Kaplan can help you meet your business objectives.

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We help you build a healthy pipeline of new employees.


Improve your employees’ speed to productivity.


Retain and develop top talent.


Develop executive team leadership and decision-making capabilities.

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