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Kaplan Launches Career Journey, a Personalized Career Development Course Utilizing LinkedIn Insigh

Sep. 15, 2014

Free program helps individuals at any career stage identify and achieve
professional goals, leveraging LinkedIn profile, content and contacts


DAVENPORT, IA – September 15, 2014 – Kaplan Higher Education Group and LinkedIn today unveiled Career Journey, a first-of-its-kind interactive online course that guides, engages and inspires individuals through various stages of their career. Career Journey includes progressive, multi-stage modules consisting of individual learning exercises, educational resources and career planning tools. It also includes specially developed apps that integrate with an individual’s unique LinkedIn profile. Career Journey is free for users.

“Career Journey reinvents the career planning process as we have known it, weaving a personalized learning experience of inspiration, introspection, connection and action,” said Sophie Vlessing, SVP of strategy and innovation with Kaplan Higher Education Group. “Through our collaboration with LinkedIn, we have created a powerful and practical course that helps professionals of all ages and career stages tap into their networks and move their careers forward through a dynamic approach to professional development.”

How Career Journey Works

Career Journey is a standalone experience that lives outside of the LinkedIn experience, but pulls in LinkedIn data to help users with their professional development goals. Career Journey is one of the more extensive LinkedIn application protocol interface (API) integrations. The self-paced course contains six learning modules that take users through specific stages of career planning, such as reflecting on a personal vision, leveraging strengths, developing a personal brand, discovering opportunities, networking, and learning as you go. It also includes:

  • Informational and motivational resources, including more than 50 interviews from Kaplan’s Visionary Voices program, with contributions from Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup and author of The Coming Jobs War and Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series as well as rich content from others like BlogHer specializing in personal development and career advancement
  • Interactive tools including career planner and Gallup’s StrengthsFinder® that track progress and support objectives
  • A series of career advancement apps focusing on lifelong learning, finding professional opportunities and mentors.

A mid-career professional, for example, who wants to develop her leadership skills and advance into a role with more responsibilities, can use the six modules within Career Journey to more clearly define and effectively pursue her specific aspirations, including help with:

  • Vision & Goals – articulating what leadership means and prepare for the change inherent in moving into a new role
  • Strengths & Skills – identifying the natural talents that make her well-suited to a leadership position as well as hone the technical or interpersonal skills she’ll need to succeed in such a role
  • Personal Brand – creating and managing both a physical and virtual presence that underscore her leadership experience and potential
  • Opportunities –understanding job market trends and best position herself for leadership roles well-suited to her background, skills and goals
  • Networking –purposefully cultivating relationships, tapping into a support infrastructure and engaging with mentors who can provide authentic feedback and actionable input
  • Learn As You Go –uncovering on-the-job learning opportunities and map supplementary education experiences that will ensure continuous development of her leadership skills and position her for ongoing career advancement

“Career Journey is an integrated platform that builds on Kaplan’s approach to supporting and encouraging lifelong learning. Partnering with thought leaders and offering actionable, proactive strategies for career development, Career Journey provides free and easy access to a variety of amazing resources all in one place,” said Jacqueline Jones, executive director, strategic partnerships/innovation with Kaplan Higher Education Group.

Learn more about Career Journey by visiting www.CareerJourney.com

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